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Car Maintenance Tips

Car Maintenance Tips



Car Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car in Good Condition 

To keep your car, maintain is a very important thing that every car owner must do. It helps to increase the life of car and make it look like a brand new all the time. 

Everyone should have their car maintenance schedule and should never ignore or delay it so that your car is always up to speed with its best performance. Here is the list below: 

  1. Check Air Filter
  2. Check Fluids & Tire Pressure Regularly
  3. Check Battery
  4. Change Spark Plugs
  5. Get Tires Rotated and Balanced
  6. Clean Windshields and Replace the Wipers
  7. Inspect & Replace Serpentine Belts
  8. Ensure the Working of the Cooling System
  9. Check Brakes
  10. Carry Automotive Tools at all Times along with you
  • Check Air Filter:

If your air filter is faulty it can cause many problems in your car. You should change your air filters in every 12 months or after 12000 miles. If you are thinking that you can ignore this air filter problem then you might be wrong. Because it will lead to create problem in your AC and also one the most important thing is that you are breathing unhealthy air in your car.  

You can get your car air filter replaced.  By doing it you will be safe and your car also feel happy. 

  • Check Fluids & Tire Pressure Regularly: 

This is the thing that you should not ignore or think to delay at any cost. Because you know that these are the main components of your car. You should pay extra attention to these components of your car. To check, it will take 10 minutes only.   

  • Check Battery: 

We all have had car battery run out when we need it most. To avoid this regularly check it and never ignore your low battery sign indication.  Avoiding the low battery problem may lead to unnecessary problems. 

  • Change Spark Plugs: 

Whenever you notice that your car engine is not working efficiently, then spark plugs can be the one of the reasons for trouble. Check them properly and get them replaced if needed. They should be replaced after 30,000 miles, check the manual for an accurate idea as it is written for your car, 

  • Get Tires Rotated and Balanced:

Always ensure that the tires of your car are aligned properly because non- aligned tires can make you lose control on your car and that situation can be accident prone. 

The easiest trick to make your tires last longer and to prevent the wearing of tires. Just rotate them once in a while. All of your tires do not wear the same amount so to balance the wear rotate the front and rear tires and make them durable. 

  • Clean Windshields and Replace the Wipers: 

One should always clean the windshield because dirty windshield can create a lot hassle, if they are not cleaned regularly. To drive safely it is important to get the perfect and clean view of the road. If you don’t clean them properly dirt can cause the quality of glass to deteriorate. 

In rainy season, do check your wipers and if damaged get them replaced whenever needed.  Because damaged wipers can cause scratches to the glass and obstruct the view.  

  • Inspect & Replace Serpentine Belts: 

Thorough inspect your Serpentine belts and check for wears. If these belts got fail, then you should repair it or replace it. It is recommended to get proper checked it every 60,000 miles you should also check the owner’s manual to get the best guide for your car. 

  • Ensure the Working of the Cooling System: 

The hoses, which carry the engine coolant can also damage very quickly. They transport high-pressure fluids, which can break if the pressure is too high.   

To make them work in an efficient way create perfect balance between them and get it checked regularly. 

So, it is the smart choice to inspect them for any damage and taking action immediately. 

  • Check Brakes: 

As Movies have a scene of brake failing is the cause of car crashing. If your brake system is efficient, then your car will be very youthful and last longer. Getting your brakes checked and replaced is like changing your car’s oil, Simple and easy. 

You should replace the brake system after every two years this will make it more durable.  For smooth driving you should change it.

  • Carry Automotive Tools at all Times along with you:

The best tip to maintain your car properly is to be ready to face any situation. Try to inspect problem by yourself when you that the car is not working properly.  So that carry the automotive tools along with yourself. If you are facing a problem do not delay it can cause more damage. 

Do carry the best jumper cables to give that jump start to your car so that you are not stuck in a tricky situation. 


So, you should always take care of these things to keep your car go well for long and have a happy and safe time with your car. If you found something that is need to be repair then do not delay. Get your car to Best Car Repair and Service Workshop in Mohali. 



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  • Ben Reid
    12/09/2019, 1:04 pm REPLY

    Car maintenance is one of the key precautionary measures that a car owner can take to keep his intermediary running smooth and still new on the thoroughfare. If you spend a lot of time driving your convertible around without any basic aftercare, then your road companion will develop various irreversible issues which can intimidate you easily. I don’t think it will be wise to skip scheduled car service. Because if you follow the proposed car maintenance schedule- https://www.dartauto.com/auto-service-maintenance-repair/ , then it will entice many potential shoppers at higher rates.

  • barnettnce
    04/04/2020, 11:42 am REPLY

    Firstly, thanks for sharing this amazing article. I appreciate that you talked about protect car on the road. My younger brother just bought a car & looking to get a car cover for his car. I hope that this article would be helping him more. Seriously, thanks for all these awesomeness. Keep it up.


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